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Shiri Paamony Eshel

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About the artist

Born and raised in Israel, an SVA alumni, currently living in NYC.

In 2000, while working as a broadcast manager at the independent student radio 106FM in Israel, for no apparent reason, I decided to broadcast African music of which I had no previous knowledge. And so, Africa, my weekly radio show was born and aired for 15 years. The radio show had opened the door not only professionally; African Music DJ, but more so to a vast world of rich culture and color and, later on, to encounters that would have never been possible otherwise.

The years of promoting African culture through the radio and actively helping African refugees and their children, have pulled me closer to this wondrous continent which was my home for almost five years.

But, it's not only African culture I'm interested in, it is culture in general – it is Human Culture, in all its glorious shapes and colors, all over the world; communal histories and the personal stories their made of, music – the way it travels the world, connecting people where all other means have failed, art – the way it does not need words of a specific language to touch the soul.

Shiri's PlayGround Exhibition


The Concept

With PlayGround, I aim to expose the viewers to a different perspective of life in Africa, in hopes of creating a better understanding of what it is like to be a child in Africa. 


Many exhibitions showcasing African children tend to highlight certain aspects of life, such as extreme life conditions and the suffering they cause. Unfortunately, this is still the common general understanding of this continent and its people.


Through touch, sight and sound, the viewer will experience a unique and authentic emotional journey, breaking away from the Western image of this culture.

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